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Protection Against Drink Spiking



An effective way to protect your drink

Enjoy an evening out and peace of mind with the Automatic Drink Cover, a simple device that can protect your drink at a nightclub, bar or restaurant.

The Automatic Drink Cover’s unique design uses silicone and rubber to create a tight seal, and  has a fingerprint scanner to lock it in place. When your beverage arrives, simply place the device over the glass and twist, then lock with the touch of a finger. The fingerprint sensor will turn blue when locked, and turn red if someone tries to open it. Reverse the process to unlock the cover.

The Automatic Drink Cover is an effective tool for protecting your unattended beverage while socializing, dancing or visiting the restroom, and prevents anyone from tampering with your drink. It can be manufactured in multiple colors and sizes, including a smaller design to fit a beer bottle, and is available for licensing.

Avoid harmful situations with the ADC: an effective way to protect your drink.

Design Features

  • Silicone and rubber creates a tight seal around glass or bottle

  • Fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock device

  • Fingerprint sensor changes colors when locked and unlocked

  • Can be manufactured in multiple colors and sizes

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For investment and Licensing Opportunities, please contact:

(443) 296-2289

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